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“Sustaining Faith & Trust Thru Challenging Times” Teleseminar, 12/19, 2011

How strong is your faith and trust?

Is the strength of your faith and trust dependent on a desired result?

Do you wonder if you can trust God to take care of you?

Many people believe that hard work is the source of good flowing into their life. Do you? If you said yes, you are blocking massive amounts of prosperity and Grace from pouring into your life!

This year I made a powerfull prayer. I prayed for a deeper relationship with God/the Divine anchored in unshakeable faith and trust that all I could ever want and need would always be supplied for my highest good. I’ve had some trust issues with God around money and I felt a yearning to release that distrust; to really feel and know God’s love and to experience more Grace in my life.

Holy Moly!

The abundance that has flowed in response to that prayer has been amazing. The situations that were created to strengthen my faith and trust turned my life upside down and broke through many old beliefs and patterns that held me in levels of fear and constriction. In many ways, this has been the most painful, liberating year of my life!

Breaking those bounds has brought me experiences of true Grace. And yes, I also feel closer to God than ever before as my faith and trust continues to blossom with each new opportunity.

The responses to your prayers and requests to the Universe do not always take the form you desire!

If your faith and trust feels shaky,  listen to the recording and receive the PDF for, “Sustaining Faith and Trust Through Challenging Times.”  I invited my dear friend Rev. Kimberly Marooney  to join me in creating a transformational experience to deepen your own faith and trust with your Self, others, and the God of your understanding.

Rev. Kimberly Marooney has been described as a pioneer in the field of angelology and spiritual transformation. A gifted author, mystic, workshop leader, and spiritual counselor, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people world wide open to God’s love, heal and move forward on their life paths.

In this one hour and 40 minute life-transforming recording you will learn:

1. How your expectations, hope, and expectancy allow or block the manifestation of your desires.

2. The shift from concept to embodiment of faith, trust, and courage.

3. One misunderstood principle that demonstrates faith in the Universal flow/God’s goodness in the face of fear.

4. Critical keys to sustain your faith and trust no matter what is happening.

5. The miracles you can manifest RIGHT NOW with your personal Divine in this powerfull shift on the planet.

And much, much more….
Plus, you will experience two special guided meditations and receive a Oneness blessing at the end of the call. The Oneness blessing, called Deeksha, is an energy transmission from the Divine affecting neurological shifts in the brain that accelerates conscious “Awakening”. 

For ONLY $39 you’ll receive access to this mind expanding, heart lifting teleseminar that just might be an answer to YOUR prayer.

A portion of the registrations will be given to Ani Pathik Law to help defray huge medical expenses and business income losses during her extended recovery from a spontaneous cerebral spinal fluid leakage.

Read what people said:

Thank you Lorraine & Kimberly for a very inspiring teaching and blessing which has lifted my spirit. I am grateful, thank you for being you, bless your beautiful heart. May the abundance to have just offered multiply in your life a thousand fold.

Best divine love answers ever, I am open and willing to receive all of God’s blessings in the new year. Thanks Lorraine!

What a beautiful gift- Thank you so much for this incredible time together.

Oh, Thank you so much Lorraine and Kimberly for the incredible illumination I am feeling a shift in this moment, particularly around depression. Many Blessings to you all. 

Sign up NOW to receive the PDF and mp3 recording.

Love and blessings,

Lorraine & Kimberly!

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