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Why Being in Alignment is Essential to Experiencing True Abundance And Joy

Published on 30 Oct 2010 at 11:34 am. 3 Comments.
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“You are perfectly aligned to get the results you get.”
~Dr. Stephen Covey


I’ve been talking about the importance of being aligned with who you are, what you are here to do and be for several years.

What does alignment really mean?

According to the Encarta Dictionary, Alignment is defined as:
“The correct position or positioning of different components with respect to each other or something else, so that they perform properly.”

And, “support for, or a political alliance with, a person, group, argument, or point of view.”

To align is “to bring a series of elements into the correct position with respect to each other or something else, or come into position with a specific intention, desire or objective.”

Aligning also involves declaring your support and commitment or the support of somebody or something with a specific point of view or outcome.

In the program, Aligning With Destiny that I co-teach with Anita (Ani) Pathik Law we say:


With business clients, we focus a lot on the subject of alignment – aligning soul with strategy, aligning thought, belief, emotion, expectation and behaviors with core desires and business objectives, aligning clients and partners with core values and target markets and even aligning marketing activities with desired business goals.

When assessing your personal life, look at the areas in your life that bring you joy, harmony and ease and look at the areas in your life that bring you a sense of dissatisfaction, pain or undesirable results. In other words, what are you satisfied with and what are you not satisfied with?

Alignment occurs at both the physical and non-physical levels. Yes, it is critical to align behaviors with desired results. And, it is just as important, maybe even more so, to mine underneath into the beliefs and expectations you have; each of which influence and alter your energy, motivation, and your commitment to making the subtle yet profound changes.

Think of your automobile. Periodically you take your car in for servicing that includes having your wheels and tires aligned. You do this because during your driving days you might have hit some bumps or  potholes, had an accident, or had something that happen that jarred your car enough to thrown the tires out of alignment.

“Wheel alignment provides safe, predictable vehicle control as well as a smooth and comfortable ride that’s free of pulling or vibration.” And if you depend on your car’s reliability to get to where you need to go, (and who doesn’t, right?) then you probably prioritize your car maintenance to insure your car is safe and running well.

A few days ago I had a great conversation with a dear friend who said she is taking several months to do some deep realignment with her life. That meant less work on her business, and more time devoted to the things in her life that she values the most – her family, her life purpose, and most of all…deepening her relationship with God for greater clarity and direction for who she was being called to be.

We also spoke about our mutual  anger response we often have to people and situations. I’m not proud of that about myself and although I have tempered that quite a bit, I can still fly into a rage (I didn’t want to admit that in writing) pretty quick when I am feeling tired, scared, and out of alignment with who I am.

My friend said that when she asked herself the question, “Why am I so angry?”  The answer she got was that she was angry with herself because she wasn’t being true to who she is.

YES! I so resonated with that. Anger is one of my signals to let me know that I am more aligned with my humanity and my past that I am with my heart.

The following morning I received an email from another dear friend who’s been in deep self-reflection and healing for most of this year. The most profound thing she said was that she felt deeply peacefull, content and joyfull.

I want that.

Don’t you?

I have many wonderfull  moments of peace and joy and I still get caught up in my life drama that leaves me feeling stressed and irritable. That’s a sure sign I have disconnected from heart and gotten stuck in my head.

And while I am pretty good at following my intuition and inspiration, I have continued to break  my promises to eat more healthfully, exercise consistently, and prioritize my relationship with Source by setting aside chunks of times for meditation, mindfullness, and stillness.

I’ve been Doing, Doing, Doing instead of creating space to align with my SELF. And I am still making decisions that are fear-based rather than Divinely inspired and sanctioned.

Your soul/God/The Universe/Divinity… will try to get your attention first by some whispers, then some gentle nudges, then a push or small kick before the shove or two by four comes to get you to WAKE UP.

Such loving devotion and dedication to help you find your way home to who you are….  

Aligning in mind, thought, belief, emotion, behavior, and purpose will fast track your dreams in ways you probably can’t even imagine. And…in whatever ways you are misaligned will have an impact on your ENTIRE life.

Coming back into alignment includes resolving anything from the past that still holds an emotional charge, healing and releasing the thoughts, people, and things that no longer serve your growth, self –forgiveness, and cultivating a deeper self-love with your humanity. Allowing self-love, self-esteem, and confidence to flourish opens pathways to receive love from others and The Divine.

Love is your natural state.

Frankly, I’ve had several pushes with some financial crunches, debts and some health issues this year. I am unwilling to ignore my role in what I am creating to manifest serious health challenges, illness, putting my home at risk or sabotaging my business to get the message.

I know when I am in harmony with my SELF, abundance flows into my life in multiple forms including money. When I follow the calling of my soul, I can feel the joy inside and when obstacles arise, I am able to navigate them with faith, trust, and courage because I know the Universe has my back.

When I go against my inner knowing, the battle inside is hell. It affects all aspects of my personal life, my business, and my relationship with God. AND it impacts on my energy, attitude, health, self-care….. yuk

So yesterday I worked, meditated, did not buy chocolate or any junk food that waved at me when I went to the store. I drank my full gallon of water, and went to bed when I really wanted to.  It felt great to be in integrity with myself!

That was yesterday and today is a new day to stay in alignment. I just took my walk and I commit to take time today and be still so I can commune with Source and follow my inner guidance about where to put my attention today.

So, I gotta go before I allow writing to become a distraction and blow my whole morning’s agreements cuz I’m not willing to beat myself up later and have to come back here and fess up.

How about you?

  • Do you have the sense that your life is not the one you came here to live?
  • Do you ever feel in conflict with what your head and heart wants?
  • Do you ever break agreements and commitments with yourself?
  • Do you use excuses and fear to to hold yourself back?
  • Do you ever sabotage your dreams and desires?
  • Do you ignore your nudges and intuition?
  • Do you quit 5 minutes before the miracles happen?

Had enough?

Then, if you are ready to finally free yourself from procrastination, fear, and ego based excuses, release the past, and align with the destiny that you came here to live, join me and my partner Anita (Ani) Pathik Law for a 13-week transformational adventure beginning November 9. Our Aligning with Destiny program will help you transform yourself and your life NOW. Receive the downloads for my preview calls with Anita on 10/3 & 10/10 AND 10/19. Register for the downloads & some freebees!



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3 Comments to ‘Why Being in Alignment is Essential to Experiencing True Abundance And Joy’:

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  2. Kathleen Gage on 31 Oct 2010 at 11:14 am: 2

    Very nicely done. As I go about my day to day activities I am witness to how out of alignment so many people are. One thing that keeps me in amazing alignment is to live completely in the moment, making it the very best I can for all concerned. This is not on some grand scale. It can be something as simple as making sure to express appreciation for the person who is checking me out at the grocery store. Doing what I can to make sure each experience is memorable in even the slightest ways.

    My alignment is such that when I am in a deep, deep state of gratitude, regardless of outward circumstances, answers to what I need for further alignment surface.

    My choice is whether to honor this or not. It is in the honoring we are more in alignment.

    Very insightful article Lorraine. Have a blessed day.

  3. lorraine on 31 Oct 2010 at 12:15 pm: 3

    You continue to inspire me with your juicy insights Kathleen

    And you are so right about being present and loving to others in our day to day life. Simple gestures can have a powerfull impact in more ways than we know.

    Many blessings to you my friend. And thank YOU for being such a great model for me to look for the good in every person and situation. :D

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