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Be True To You

Published on 27 Oct 2010 at 7:21 am. 4 Comments.
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This morning while thinking about what I would write, I received my good friend Christine Kloser’s newsletter which caught my attention right away when I saw her article. It was right in line with what I was going to write about and I love her writing. So, I thought I would share it with you! Enjoy

Be True To You – Part 1
by Christine Kloser

An excerpt from my chapter in “Align, Expand and Succeed:  Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success.”

It was mid 2009 when I woke up from a dream. In the dream, I appeared to be at the height of my career. I was a successful author, coach and publisher, a well-known expert in my field, making great money, and having a positive impact on thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. I worked hard to do everything everyone suggested in my business. I attended all the right workshops, learned all the new strategies, and implemented them one by one in my business. I was well-respected, had a fantastic network of friends, colleagues and partners. People knew my name. 

Sounds like a great dream doesn’t it? Perhaps it’s a dream that you aspire to achieve in your journey of conscious entrepreneurship. 

There was only one problem… what appeared to be a dream, felt like a nightmare inside. Yes, I was really living everything I stated in my dream above. On the outside it all looked “perfect.” But, inside of me, things didn’t feel the same. 

You may be asking how that could be so? After all, I was a pioneer in the field of conscious entrepreneurship. In fact, many people credit me with the popularity of this term itself. But, how could I be living that externally fantastic, conscious aligned life and also be feeling constantly stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, and under so much self-inflicted pressure?

It’s easy to see now in hindsight. I was only 90% conscious in my business. It was the 10% of unconsciousness that caused the inner turmoil.

For years, I forged forward at 90%. Hey, let’s face it, 90% isn’t all that bad. Many people out there get through life on a lot less than that, so I must be doing okay if I’m 90% conscious. I’m way ahead of the game! Or so I thought.

The truth is 90% consciousness and 10% unconsciousness is a major growth opportunity waiting to happen. It’s impossible to walk the path of a conscious entrepreneur 90% of the time and not have it come back to bite you in the bottom.

I got bit big time, and I’m sharing it with you here so you can learn from my mistakes and not make them for yourself. The biggest mistake I made in my journey was paying more attention to what other people said I should do than what I felt inside. For example, everyone in my world at the time was offering super high-end VIP coaching programs.  Someone suggested I do the same thing. 

I allowed the unconscious 10% of me to decide that, sure, I “should” do that too. After all, everybody else is and why not me? So I didn’t listen to the whisper in the background of my mind saying “Something about this doesn’t feel right.” I was 90% on board with it and 10% feeling an inkling that this wasn’t the right direction for me. 

Well, I ignored the 10% that felt something wasn’t right and offered a high-end VIP coaching program.  It launched with success as my first new client signed up in a matter of days.  

Anyway, without sharing all the painful details, I’ll tell you that this program, once it was up and running presented the most challenging time I’ve ever faced in my business, or my life. Through this experience, the issues I’d stuffed on an emotional, spiritual, and financial level were brought to the surface for purification and healing. 

I began to ask myself questions at a deeper level, allowed myself to look past what I’d always seen as true about myself, and questioned if it was really true… or not. I allowed myself to look beneath it all, to look behind the external success, and look deep into my heart.

©2010 Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser is the award-winning author of The Freedom Formula, Conscious Entrepreneurs and Align, Expand and Succeed.  She is widely recognized as an expert in the field of conscious entrepreneurship and has spoken alongside such luminaries as Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Joe Vitale, Arielle Ford, James Twyman and Marianne Williamson. Christine works with entrepreneurs and authors to embrace a new paradigm of success… helping them experience true freedom and fulfillment in their life and their business.  Join Christine for F R E E “Wake Up Wednesday Group Coaching” at www.loveyourlife.com/wakeupwednesday

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4 Comments to ‘Be True To You’:

  1. sandesh saboo on 28 Oct 2010 at 2:59 am: 1

    nice many a times we do so many things and forget to ask our self am i happy doing this,am i required to do this,do i need to do this.

  2. Linda on 28 Oct 2010 at 8:51 am: 2

    I don’t understand why she is calling this a mistake when it opened her up to examine that last 10%…

  3. lorraine on 30 Oct 2010 at 1:37 pm: 3

    Good point Linda

    I’m with you on that. I don’t believe we really make mistakes, rather that we make decisions that help us grow. Nothing is wasted. Everything is in service to our healing and evolution!

  4. lorraine on 30 Oct 2010 at 1:38 pm: 4

    Great awareness Sandesh

    Keep asking yourself that question and listen to your wise SELF!

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