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How Spirit Speaks To You

Published on 10 Oct 2010 at 8:10 am. No Comments.
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By Anita Pathik Law (reprinted from August 2009)

With all new commitments, in particular those that truly govern HOW we will serve others, we are bound to experience what Brent and are calling the “symptoms of ceremony.”

Similar to the old saying, “Pray for patience and you’ll find yourself standing in a lot of lines,” whenever we make a commitment to align with our destiny and soul purpose, it is inevitable that life will get a bit stirred up, issues (old ones) will be bound to come up and all of our stuff that needs to be healed with resurface – often in really interesting ways.

On some level, I’ve come to understand that if choosing to walk towards your soul path doesn’t stir things up a bit, it probably isn’t the right path. 

We may even experience moments of temporary insanity that cloud the clarity we once thought to have “possessed.” Possessing clarity is an almost hilarious concept when you have committed to being open to intuition; receive signs from the Universe, and going with the flow.
What is clear today may be completely muddied tomorrow with the revelation of a new “next step,” or a sudden interruption of fear, insecurity, or doubt – especially when we open ourselves to healing our pasts and responding to the emergence of the “what’s next.”
In reality (or our current version of it anyway), clarity may very well be one of the most sought after states of mind, a lack of which often leading us down the seemingly bumpy path of uncertainty.
Yet, truth be told, life is uncertain. People are uncertain and very little is promised other than a few profound truths, and even those truths are being questioned by many of the 6 billion people who are waking up to a world they know needs changing.

Of course all change begins within, in spite of the common human tendency to focus on what is on the outside. And, when partnered with the Divine, with the omnipotent Universe that governs pure potentiality, we often overlook, ignore, or dismiss the many ways we are being communicated to.

Sure, nature, love and beauty are some of my most favorite ways Spirit speaks to us, yet, when PRESENT and OPEN (the only two requirements to receiving Divine Communication), you will find that Spirit is always in communication with you.
Longing, Synchronicities, Discomfort, Stuckness, and Disappointments are just five of the ways Spirit seeks to communicate a higher message. Longing is often experienced as painful and is laden with self-doubt and unworthiness, so many of us dismiss or talk ourselves out of what we really want – especially the longing that runs soul-deep and is, at times, gut wrenchingly painful when it has not yet reached our physical reality.
We are so busy staying distracted, that we don’t notice (or misinterpret or chalk them up to be dumb luck) synchronicities and Divine happenings. Fear and insecurity can be paralyzing, and disappointments or perceived failures are taken so personally that we sometimes lose the will to try, try again.
Our problem in receiving these messages is usually connected to obstacles of illusion and attachment, two of the unique qualities found only in the “smartest” and “most conscious” of all known living species – us humans who seem to both feel and cause the most pain out of all others cohabitating this incredible planet of ours. 
Obstacle Illusions

We operate under illusions of separation, aloneness, abandonment, and un-lovability, all of which are furthest from the TRUTH when we embrace the greater TRUTHS of being part of the interconnected nature of a species that are all born of the same Source and are loved absent of any condition.


Speed, timing and pictures are just three of the ways we become so attached at the physical level, that it blocks feeling the ease and grace that exists at the spiritual level. Divine timing is a principle to be honored with patience and trust, not one to be fought against. It is a principle that governs EVERYTHING.
Fighting Divine Timing sends us into a whirlwind of frustration and disappointment – a waste of precious energy (and we wonder WHY we are experiencing an energy crisis around the globe?) and getting too attached to desired outcome can actually place limits on a limitless Universe, let alone lead to disappointment for not getting what we THOUGHT we wanted.
Often, that which seeks to be heard as truth are experienced as detours reminding us to slow down, be present, and come back into remembrance of your destiny; of who you were born to be.

Sometimes it takes pretty disruptive external forces for us to be willing to make changes in our lives that will put us on a more direct path to our purpose. 

Why do we wait until we don’t feel like we have a choice? Why don’t we initiate the shift so we can at least feel like we are in control?



The Illusion of both? 

Personally, with everything I know, I am coming to believe that the greatest block to initiating change, going deeper into the gifts of our longing, and stepping into a greater potential in our lives that is asking to be revealed THROUGH us, as opposed to TO us, is a lack of self worth and deservedness.
Regardless of how it shows up – as loneliness, unhappy relationships, financial struggle, weight issues, work woes, or physical or emotional/spiritual pain, all scenarios reveal opportunities for healing, forgiveness and growth.
Where to begin? Remember your core essence, get silent, practice forgiveness, explore your passions, get over the stories that keep you living in a reality you don’t appreciate, and be that which you most desire in your life.
Anita (Ani) Pathik Law 
Copyright© 2008, Anita Pathik Law
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