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Forget Resolutions! Creating A Theme Year

Published on 31 Dec 2009 at 6:02 am. 9 Comments.
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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a favorite article from 2008 that I have updated!

I advocate having a vision and a plan of action. If you don’t know where you are going, how do you know how to get there or, when you DO get there? So, I started thinking of goals in a new light.

Imagine seeing your intentions and commitments as keeping promises and agreements with yourself. I mean promises you feel excited and passionate about without the shoulds and have tos attached and agreements you are fully on board with because you are soooo ready to have what you want.

You know the ones I mean!

I’m looking at 2010 as another theme year. My themes for this year are Trust, Faith, & Courage. 2009 was a profoundly challenging and liberating year and I have been hearing many people had a similar year. Sometimes things must completely fall apart before what is next can come together. 2009 invited us to clean up stuff we have been avoiding or resisting, to restore personal integrity, balance, and alignment with our soul path and to prioritize what we most value in our life. 

I believe 2010 will be a banner year. With all the cleaning up and clearing you did last year though personal transformation, healing, and action, you can consciously choose what you wish to create this year. As you dream, I encourage you to invite your soul to co-create your theme and vision so that you are in alignment with the Universe!

BTW - I wrote a great blog post you may not have read yet called Falling In Love With Hell.

Enjoy this short article that I found inspiring and in alignment with my idea of intentions. :D

Forget New Year’s Resolutions.
Admit it: you never keep them anyway, right?

Instead, consider wrapping the whole next year in a wonderful theme for your life or business.

Themes bring a consistency to your year that you might not otherwise have. They also can get you out of your habits and put some spice into your work routine. Having a theme is a way to bring passion and a mission to your day. It’s also a way to be held accountable to reaching your dreams and desires.

You can come up with whatever you want for a theme. It can be emotional, such as Happiness, Joy, Gratefulness, Abundance, Sharing, Giving, Honoring, or Partnering. Your theme can be task-oriented, like Products, Press, Programs, Services, a New Service, a Special Project, a New Position, Technology, Marketing, or Pricing.

The way it works is you’ll spend all next year accomplishing or practicing your theme. If your theme is abundance, you might decide to double or triple your client base, bid on bigger projects, merge with another firm, or hire more people. You’ll do something each month (or each week if you’re really ambitious) to support your theme.

Contributed by Sandi Smith, a round-the-world copilot, master marketer and professional speaker www.sandismith.com

Great idea, right?

Here’s your invitation to “show up”!

1. Select a theme for your year. Allow your excitement and passion to guide you in making that selection. Play with the idea. You might have more than one theme! 

2. Identify the promises you will make to support your theme. What agreements will you commit to fulfilling? Stay realistic!

3. What will you need to stay inspired and true to your theme and promises? What resources, structures, people, and things will help you stay on track? What might you need to add that you don’t have?

Cheers :D


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