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The Truths About Changing Beliefs, Self-Love, and Transformation

Published on 8 Jan 2013 at 8:31 am. 12 Comments.
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In my 25+ years of coaching, spiritually guiding, and counseling people we spend many months on self-awareness. You can’t change something you don’t recognize. So, building awareness is the first step.

What many believe is that when they become conscious of a belief, negative pattern, or past pain they will be magically transformed. The only thing that changes is that they uncovered something they didn’t know.  Sometimes what is revealed confirms or clarifies something they suspected or knew at a deeper level of awareness.

Or they feel they have been working with specific issues for a period of time and they feel frustrated because their “stuff” is still popping up.

I thought I was done with this!

I’ve worked on this FOREVER!

How do I get rid of ____ permanently?

Becoming aware of something is not a magic bullet. Relying on mental processes like affirmations can create shifts in beliefs but… real transformation occurs in your heart. You cannot think yourself into opening your heart.

There is a 12 inch gap between your head and your heart. The head is ruled by the ego and your subconscious mind. The soul governs the heart.

People consistently ask me for resources and techniques that will get rid of their unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I shake my head in compassion. They are still trying to sidestep the “feeling” part of the healing journey by trying to control, manage, and direct their experience. 

Transformation is a feeling NOT a thinking experience.

Transformation is a process not a technique; an inner shift into a higher state of consciousness and vibration.

A client of mine has been working with a childhood hurt centered on feeling abandoned and betrayed by her parents. This theme has played out throughout her life. When she feels that wound emerging in her close relationships, she feels enraged.  Over the years she has developed understanding and compassion for others in recognizing that they too, are suffering from pain.

She has also come to recognize the ways she has abandoned and betrayed herself by not speaking up, breaking self-agreements,  having loose boundaries….Even though some of her beliefs about herself and others have changed, the  pain of betrayal still packs a strong emotional charge.

Why?  She gets stuck in anger and revisiting past memories. She swirls around in rage and self-righteous indignation that protects her heart from touching the real pain which I believe is a well of grief. She’s been trying to use her intellect and mental processes, we have done in sessions, to transform the past and avoid doing the “feeling” work.

Within that deep sorrow is a need for forgiveness and love for others and most especially, for herself. Until she is willing to fully feel and embrace her sadness and open her heart to forgive, she will stay stuck in this pattern of hurt no matter how many times she tries to change her beliefs, think differently, and make herself be at peace.

Last year during a health situation, I discovered guilt I had been harboring in my body that had to do with a conversation I had with  my mother over 30 years ago. My mother was in despair, and I lacked the words to counsel and console her. I felt I abandoned and betrayed her. Several years later she died from leukemia.

Even though I recalled the memory and had worked on lots of forgiveness and self-love, I was unaware of how much guilt and blame I carried in my heart for her death. Once revealed the floodgates of sadness opened and I was sobbing. In a session with a trusted healer, I was able to bring the pain to peace and love.

Life is an ongoing onion peel experience. You are proof of that. We keep uncovering pieces of specific life themes because we have buried our stuff under so many layers to protect ourselves and survive.

You might find some complex themes still playing in your life because there are some pieces you have not uncovered that still hold a painful emotional charge. They might be wounds that have been deeply buried because they are so tender.

Instead of getting annoyed or frustrated, welcome recurring patterns and beliefs when they emerge. They reveal themselves to you when you are strong and open hearted enough to invite your pain to be healed.  You cannot outrun yourself. Wherever you go, you take YOU and your stuff with you.

Yes, heart openings often include pain. Pain validates your hurt. Many times the release of pain and healing can happen very quickly with Grace, and even joy. Transformation is a journey of courage and commitment to walk through those dark places into the light and reclaiming your Self.

Each time you recognize, feel, accept, and embrace things about yourself with love and compassion, your heart expands. Each time you welcome all parts of your humanness, you come back into greater states of wholeness. Each time you feel self-love, you reUnite with the Divine. 

I believe that developing a strong inner foundation, relationship with your soul, and bond with the Divine are essential keys to real transformation; to transcend the past and move into higher states of consciousness and vibration. Trying to do this work alone is unrealistic. 

And an act of self-love is realizing when you need help to get out of your own way and have someone you trust to be a witness, a space holder and partner in walking through, not around, your pain. Seek professional help with someone skilled at navigating this tender terrain.

You ARE worth it!

You are also invited to join me for a 4-week transformational healing journey to open your heart to deeper self-love beginning Wednesday, January 23.

The highly potent program includes weekly meditations, EFT, and deepening processes that have catapulted past participants into higher states of joy, abundance, peace.. is  designed in the moment by God to release your emotional burdens and liberate your True Self.

Learn more and take advantage of payment options and early tuition before January 18 at midnight EST and join with me for a 4-week journey into Self-Love here.

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Write A Thank You Letter To God

Published on 27 Dec 2012 at 6:41 am. 3 Comments.
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Each year I write a Thank You Letter to God dated one year in advance and I share it with my spiritual mastermind group.

We typically write the letters in January, share them in the group, and discuss how close we came to actualizing what we prewrote at the end of the year.

We have found these letters to be powerfull practices to bring our our vision for the year into clarity.

The letter becomes a declaration to the Universe and a guide for desires, decisions, and intentions to manifest though inspired action during the year.

I’ve witnessed many transformations in the letters I have written over the years. Earlier ones have been focused on material gain and too ambitious; more aligned with my head and ego rather than my heart.

When looking more deeply at your desires, I have found that a dream needs to be realistic enough for the ego to believe it is possible and big enough to excitedly stretch you out of your comfort zone to step into your greater potential.

To prepare for writing your letter, take time to create sacred space to be still and quiet. Contemplate what you truly want and why, so what you are  thanking God comes from your heart truth.

Take your time in bringing your words together. No need to rush. Invite your ego, mind, and soul to express. what is deeply desired and feel into those desires so they reflect your heart and not what you think you should want or what others want for you.

Once written, print it out. Read it out loud. slowly, allowing your emotions to reflect your words. Feel gratitude to the Divine for responding to your prayers in ways that enrich your life. Rest in that gratitude, trusting that all you desire, need, and want will come to you in the highest and best way.

Share your letter with trusted friends to hold the vision for you.

Keep the letter visible. You might read it out loud each day to strengthen your decison and intention. Use it as a map to guide your choices and actions throughout the year and be open to flow with  your inner guidance to lead you forward.

Have fun creating it!



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Holiday Ritual To Ring In The New Year

Published on 24 Dec 2012 at 12:04 pm. 2 Comments.
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Last Thursday, December 20, I hosted a special gathering at my home for a Oneness Blessing event. I invited folks to experience a special holiday ritual designed to release the energies of 2012 and welcome what they most wanted to invite into their life in 2013 and years to come!

And to prepare for the energies anchoring into consciousness on 12.21!

You might do this very same ritual or something similar. Or, perhaps this will become a new tradition for you!

We had a beautiful group gathered and we began with a brief meditation to feel more centered and connected with our Essence and each others.

The Ritual

Part One

I passed around two pieces of paper to everyone. On the first sheet, I invited them to write everything they wished to release from 2012. I encouraged them to list everyone and everything that stretched, challenged, and blessed their life this year that was no longer serving them; to include people, things, and anything about themselves they were ready to let go of.

I stressed  looking at their list through the eyes of love and gratitude for the healing and growth opportunities that each experience provided. One of the things on my list included releasing my pattern of negatively judging myself and others to continue allowing the blossoming of my heart (which was included in the second part of the ritual).

After about about ten minutes, we took a moment to rest back into our hearts. Then we ripped up what we had written into small pieces of paper and combined them into a metal pot to burn outside on mu porch to release the energy into the air to be transformed into light. We all stood in silence as we said goodbye and watched the papers burn.

Afterwards I was guided to smudge the group with sage and then we came inside, leaving the embers outside to be shared with the earth later.

Everyone said how much lighter they felt!

Part Two

Dreaming… inviting what you wish to welcome into your life in 2013.

I encouraged the group to tune into their heart and write down what they wished to call forth into their life in the coming year.

What was most desired?

What was their soul yearning for?

What inner shifts were they ready to embody?

What were they ready to claim?

After ten minutes or so, we rolled the paper into a scroll and tied it with a ribbon to be place in a sacred place in their home. Mine is on one of my altars.

Then we came together in silence and gratitude, trusting that all that is for our highet good will manifest, knowing that as we wrote, our thoughts were heard.

We ended with a Oneness blessing.

It was a beautiful, auspicious evening with special people.

The following day, I received this email note: “Hello Lorraine, I could not continue the day without sending you a heartfelt thank you for a transformational evening last night. I feel so much more alive and more like myself again. The energy was truly magical and I thank you for all that you do.”

My heart was full of joy and gratitude.

Rituals, traditions, practices are special ways we connect in our heart and souls with ourselves, others, and Divine Love. I have come to love rituals because they bring me closer to my soul Self and the Divine.

Whatever you feel called to do, take time to create sacred space to connect with YOU and commune with God. The bond you continue to create with Source is essential to manifesting your deepest dreams in this New Age.

Enjoy this special video called, “The Great Bell Chant” by Thich Nhat Hanh

This is an incredible, visceral, beautiful experience … and breathgiving! The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering) – read by Thich Nhat Hanh, chanted by brother Phap Niem, music by Gary Malkin. Such a profoundly beautiful experience – give yourself the gift of 7 minutes to uplift and nourish you.


“May the sound of this Bell
penetrate deep into the Cosmos…
Even in the darkest spots
living Beings are able to hear it clearly,
so that all suffering in them ceases,
understanding comes to their heart,
and they transcend the Path
of sorrow and death.

The Universal Dharma door
is already open.
The sound of the rising tide
is heard clearly.
The Miracle happens…
a beautiful child
appears in the Heart
of a lotus flower.

One single drop of this
compassionate water
is enough to bring back
the refreshing spring
to our mountains and rivers.

Listening to the Bell,
I feel the afflictions in me
begin to dissolve.
My mind calms,
my body relaxes.
A smile is born on my lips.

Following the sound of the Bell,
my breath brings me back
to the safe island of Mindfulness.

In the garden of my heart,
the Flowers of Peace bloom beautifully.”

Vimeo page with comments here: http://vimeo.com/6518109

You can download the audio here: http://wkup.org/images/audio/thay_phapniem_greatbellchant.mp3 

Namaste’ :D


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Words Of Encouragement In Welcoming This New Age

Published on 20 Dec 2012 at 11:05 am. 2 Comments.
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With the Solstice tomorrow, on 12/21, we end with the darkest day of the year of the season and complete the transition from one era to another.

The End of the old and the Beginning of a New Age.

This is a time we have been waiting for and preparing for…

Much controversy has been made about what 12/21 means and the impact on the “outer world”. In truth, everything begins with your “inner world”. Your inner states of peace, unconditional love, and gratitude can powerfully transform the consciousness on the planet. You are the cornerstone.

We are now officially in the process of ascension and awakening into Oneness.  Changes are taking place within us.  The ego is fighting very hard right now. It fears for its survival and is waging a battle within us.

Whatever you are experiencing in your life at this moment is your process–whether that be blissful awakened states of Oneness, havoc-reeking emotional charges, physical illness, or some combination of these things. The key is SURRENDER. Let go of what you think you know, expect to happen negatively, or struggles with current challenges. Accept what you are feeling and bring awareness to it.

If there are any emotional issues you have not dealt with in your life, you can expect them to be surfacing now in one form or another in order to be released.  Ask within for support and strength to be fully present with what is happening. Take the time to fully experience and release them.  

Bring your attention inward. Breathe into your body. Allow your mind to become quieter. Connect with your Soul Self and find the peace within. Rest into that peace in this present NOW moment. Spend time in silence and go within because that is where all the healing is happening.

SURRENDER the need to know and be in control. Be open to something new and unknown that can become something wonderfull.

Do it now and be free.

You’ll know when you have completely surrendered because you will feel at peace with everything exactly as it.

When you have this experience you will know the Peace of God.

My friend Ken Stone reminds us to, “Give yourself the gift of experiencing your wholeness. This gift, practiced, will keep on giving to you, and all those you love and are grateful for. It will take root in your life and spread to all those you touch and serve. It will blossom in them through your example and spread around the world as a wave of love and transformation. The love wave begins with you.”

You have more power than you may realize…

Now – I have three FREE gifts for you. YEA!

1. Did you miss my wonderfull call with Judy Guadalupe on 12/12, “Freeing Your Goddance Now – BecomingYour Magnificent Self as Your Gift and Service to our New World.”? Download the call thru 12/31 and get a goody from her: http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=34505004

2. Download a special call with my guest, Meadow Linn,  author of, “The Mystic Cookbook; The Secret Alchemy of Food” here: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=35770800. Enjoy tips to make food a celebration and raise consciousness.

3.. Last: My dear friend Michelle Mayur created a powerfull Soul Healing” 12 minute guided meditation. Access it here: http://heal-the-healer.com/21-december-2012-divine-love-meditation/

No registration to get these gifts!

Be kind and loving to yourself. Take time to appreciate and enjoy this precious moment in our united journey. You chose to be on the planet at this time to be a part of reshaping humanity so BE IN THE MOMENT.

Thank you for choosing to be here. I believe in you. I love you. Together, in love, we will transform the world.

I wish you many blessings for the holidays and New Year.

Lorraine :D

PS: If you are hurting and need help to stabilize and reconnect with your Sacred Self and the God, please reach out. No matter what you are going through, relief can come quickly with Grace. You are not alone. If I can be of help to you, I have opened appointment slots to be available for you.

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Five Spiritual Laws That Strengthen Or Shake Faith and Trust, Part 5

Published on 27 Nov 2012 at 8:48 am. No Comments.
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The Law of Intention and Desire

I hope you have been enjoying this 5-part series! Here is the last one.

The Law of Intention and Desire truly goes hand in hand with The Law of Expectation.

The Law of Intention reminds us that when we align with a clear intention and deep passion in mind, body and spirit we set the conditions to powerfully attract what we intend to create.

This Law is based on the fact that there is always an infinite amount of energy and information present to create what ever you desire! And energy always follows intent.

Desirable changes and manifestations depend on conscious ATTENTION and INTENTION.

Focused attention and intention creates a force that magnetizes to you what you most desire. Whatever you give attention to increases energetically.

Attention and deep desire energize The Law of Attraction.

Removing your attention causes the energies to scatter and dissipate.

Getting to your core desire and designing an intention in affirmative language also sets a tone for our energy and decision making.

I shake my head when I hear people express frustration with their life when the they invest a small portion of their time, spiritual practices, heart-centered attitude and actions on attracting what they say they want and spend the bulk of their time in a negative mindset.

For example, you may create an intention to have a make a difference in the world and make money doing what you love.

Everything you think, do and say must align with that intention in order for it to be made manifest in your physical reality to the degree that it is a match – or better yet, surpasses your desire. The core energies of The Law of Intention are clarity and alignment.

You might be creating blocks in what you desire to create because there is conscious and unconscious intention in conflict because of your life experiences!

You might deeply desire to be of help to others and harbor feelings of unforgiveness towards people.

You might desire loving relationships and be struggle with loving yourself.

And what you want as a human being might be very different from the intentions of your soul.

Your soul’s purpose for being here in a physical body is to grow and be a Creator.

As a human being, your intentions might be on success, material possessions, making money rather than aligning with the desires of your soul.

Can you have both?

Of course! 

With the shift of consciousness happening on the planet, what you put your attention and intention on must prioritize your soul’s purpose and intention to be in harmony with the New Golden Age, a time for joy, love, and prosperity.

With an intention for the future, your attention must be in the present, which is conscious awareness that is real and eternal. Choose to lead from your heart in taking inspired action that will manifest your intentions for tomorrow!

What is essential is to detach from the outcome so that you are not struggling against the present moment in the pursuit of manifesting your future!

Your focused intention lays the groundwork for effortless, spontaneous expression of your desires! This is the path of Grace.

For the past year, one of my deepest desires and intention has been to have unshakeable faith and trust with the God of my understanding that everything I want and need will be supplied. With life feeling upside down in so many ways, this desire and intention felt critical for me to follow my passion and purpose. Perhaps you have that same desire?

In response to my prayers, I have created and attracted a very challenging and painful year as well as a powerfully liberating and abundant one in many ways. Has my faith and trust shaken? You bet.

What has emerged from all of the flux in my life combined with deep inner transformation work IS that my faith and trust is stronger within myself AND with my Divine.

Give thought to your current desires and intentions.

What are you giving energy to?

Are you radiating from faith and trust or from desperation and fear?

Are your expectations, intentions and desires in alignment with what you truly wish to attract, consciously and unconsciously? (Inner shadow transformation, forgiveness, beliefs?)

What needs to be healed, shifted, transformed and released to manifest what you desire and intend now, and in your future?

There are dozens of Spiritual Laws at work that govern your life including the Laws of Cause & Effect, Energy, Co-Creation, Abundance, Cultural Conditioning…….You may choose to read about more of these Laws or focus on a few to align more consciously with the Universe.

Faith and trust is being challenged today as our lives change in ways we have never experienced or imagined. Understanding these Laws help to put some questions into perspective and can begin to quiet your mind.

Transition is the psychological reaction to change (anger, fear, confusion, sadness..) and is fueled by the subconscious mind; the part of the brain we cannot easily access to create shifts in the beliefs that affect emotions and actions. During intense periods of change, fears run high. Faith and trust can weaken.

That’s why I created the next Pathways to Awakening, 4-week Journey into Faith & Trust!!  This is the 5th in a series of mini journeys that have helped folks break free of the past and limitations of their mind to become more Conscious Creators in alignment with their soul and Divine destiny. 

I felt a strong Divine nudge to offer this powerfull transformational program  beginning December 6. Choose the day or evening time that is best for you and take advantage of a special tuition that expires Friday, November 30, midnight EST. This program will help you fortify your faith and trust with Divine Power, courage, and excitement to create an exciting 2013. Learn more and sign up here.

PS:  Join me for a special FREE teleseminar called, ”Faith and Trust: Feeling Safe, Living In The Mystery of Change”. Tuesday, November 27, 2pm EST.

Learn more and reserve your seat

Strengthen your faith and trust as you expand into the New Year and open to the blessings of greater prosperity, joy, and love that are coming your way!

Love and blessings :D


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