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Transform Your Fear Into POWER and Courage Self-Study Audio Program

You are a beautiful soul with Divine gifts who has chosen to be here at this time to bear witness to the birth of a new world and to be an active part in humanity’s re-creation and homecoming with the Divine. This is the time you have been prepared for! It is time to dance with your soul and experience more love and prosperity than you ever imagined!

Receive time —tested tools, inspired insights, and experience soul inspired meditative journeys to heal your heart and mind to make way for the reunion with the Divine.

This robust home study program will provide REAL transformational opportunities to help you break through and break free of the illusions of your mind, to loosen fear’s grip on your soul, and unleash your courageous heart .

Are you ready to claim your destiny and truly live a magical life of prosperity, purpose, and joy with the Divine?

If you feel your heart saying yes, longing for more ease and Grace, or truly desire to live a soul directed life, this program will help you reunite with your Sacred Magnificent Self!

This NEWLY REVISED comprehensive program includes:

  • Two audio recordings full of insights, inspired wisdom, answers to burning questions about fear including what it is, how to recognize it, what causes it and how to break through it. These audios are jam-packed with exercises, tips and resources to transform fear, eliminate self-sabotage and roadblocks permanently.

  • PLUS, you will also receive the audio notes and scripts Lorraine used to record both audios so you don't have to take copious notes!

  • 17 page Companion workbook to enhance your breakthroughs and liberate your soul. This workbook includes some of the best, most potent execrises and processes that THOUSANDS of clients have raved about in Lorraine's programs and private sessions.

  • Making Fear Your Friend guided meditation and healing journey enhanced with Theta technology creates a personal experience to turn fear into an ally! Imagine how your life would change if your relationship with fear was different.... if fear was a pathway and guide to the kind of life you dream about with the Divine as your life partner. This 36 minute life-changing healing journey will help you do that!

  • Unleashing Your Inner Hero and Champion Guided Meditation. This brand new 40 minute guided journey, enhanced with Theta technology, will help you create, develop and unleash your innate POWER to be the hero and champion of your life story with the Divine to guide you.

    Receive seven powerfull products: two content rich audios, comprehensive notes for both audios, one power-packed companion workbook, and two soul created healing meditations that will change your life!

    "I was able to really go deep, I loved the soft music in the background, not too overpowering and I especially loved your soothing voice. What surprised me was the shift I experienced by looking at fear in such a different way and experience it as my friend, wow that makes a difference!

    I realise by listening to this recording more often it will deepen the experience and settle into the subconscious mind to bring about that shift needed to guide us home to our Divine. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful teaching/ meditation and look forward to listen to the remaining recordings and read the documents that came with the program."
    - Veronica, Australia

    $197 | Buy Now

     * Making Fear Your Friend and Unleashing Your Inner Hero and Champion guided healing meditations can also be purchased as individual audios below.

Pathways To Self-Love: Revealing The Magnificent YOU 

In this 62 minute recording with Lorraine Cohen you will learn:

1. The relationship between self-love, faith/trust and courage.
2. How to begin creating harmony between your ego and your heart.
3. Becoming your lover rather than your persecutor.
4. Keys to dissolve the barriers that separate you from Divine Love to allow the love in.
5. What you MUST do this year to align with the love energies on the planet.

And receive a "Oneness Blessing" which is an energy transmission to support your spiritual journey of Awakening.

$19 | Buy Now

From Desperation To Divine Grace

Recorded one hour and 22 minute interview from "Awakening Your Sacred Heart" program with host Pia Maria Savela and her special guest, Lorraine Cohen.

In this session you will learn about:

  • The shifts you MUST make to align with the profound changes happening in the world today
  • Unconscious ways in which you might be creating more misery for yourself and how to liberate yourself
  • The "Art" of suffering as a pathway to embody Grace

And much, much more...      

PLUS! Experience a powerfull guided meditation that brought listeners to a place of uniting their hearts and egos - ending separation, and inner resistance...moving into Grace and inner peace. (You can also purchase this healing journey as a separate audio)
"A great process has started, I am shaking and I feel energy moving in my body...Thank you SOOO much, I do feel SOO aligned with this call, it feels absolutely great and exciting, thank you from the bottom of my heart!" - Sofia

$49 |   Buy Now

 Self Forgiveness: The Pathway To Grace

In this one hour and 38 minute teleseminar on July 19, 2011 with Lorraine Cohen, you will learn:

  • Indicators of  a lack of self-forgiveness
  • Why it is so difficult to forgive yourself
  • The impact of holding onto resentments, judgments, anger, blame, regrets  against yourself
  • Why it is  to critical to develop compassion, love, and forgiveness for yourself especially with this new world consciousness that is unfolding

You'll also hear a live demonstration of a Self-Forgiveness exercise that was adapted from a recent published blog article on Self-Forgiveness

PLUS! Experience a special deepening process created on the spot with the Divine to invite healing and inner transformation. And, you'll also receive a "Oneness Blessing" at the end of the call.

$ 49 |  Buy Now

Relentless Affirmations: Using the Power of Your Inner Knowing to Transform Your Life.

In this 90 minute call with Lorraine Cohen that was originally created for her Creating Miracles 4-week series, you will learn a unique revolutionary approach to affirmations that can instantly neutralize negative and fearfull thoughts and deepen your connection with your Divine POWER. Experience a healing meditation to anchor your personal relentless affirmations — body, mind, & spirit.

$39 |  Buy Now


Take Charge of Your Life: Overcoming Overwhelm, Procrastination & Fear

LIVE Webinar recording with Lorraine Cohen. In this content rich one hour and 50-minute audio you'll learn:

  • Ways you can be sabotaging your efforts that will surprise you and what to do to stop

  • Five practical strategies that will help you dramatically reduce overwhelm, shifting from chaos to calm and feeling good about YOU.

  • Two lesser known keys to help you unhook from fear in a matter of minutes

  • The difference between positive and negative procrastination and how to break through "stuckness.

  • Ways to make fear your friend rather than enemy.

PLUS! Plus you'll hear a live demonstration with a caller on how to partner with the Divine to help the fearfull "inner child." And I ended the call with a Oneness blessing (deeksha).

AND!! With this purchase you'll also receive a link to download an interview with host Rebecca White, Heal Yourself Talk Radio as she speaks with Lorraine about Dealing with Negative Self-Talk.

This audio is a perfect complement to: Take Charge of Your Life: Overcoming Overwhelm, Procrastination & Fear eBook. This audio offers tips not covered in the eBook.

$39 | Buy Now

Best Buy – Purchase both the audio and eBook. Save  15%!

$49 | Buy Now


Connecting With Your Sacred Self  Guided Meditation

Ready to reunite with your sacred, magnificent self? Originally created for members of my Aligning With Destiny program with co-leader Anita Pathik Law, this powerfull 21 minute journey will calm your fears, open your heart to love and peace, and deepen your connection with your soul's wisdom and guidance. Reconnect with your deep knowing that no matter what is happening in your life, you are safe and all is well.

"I find Lorraine's guided meditations to be very powerful. Her voice is so soothing and almost has a healing quality to it. I love coming home after a long day at work, putting on my headphones, and getting lost in Lorraine's meditative journeys. Even though I've only been using the audios for a few days, I already feel an increase in peace of mind and happiness."
-Ana. Ft. Lauderdale,FL

$15  |   Buy Now

"Body Love" Guided Meditation

How do you feel about your body? Do you love and respect your body? Do you ever feel your body is working against you rather than helping you? This potent 21 minute guided healing meditation will help you to transform your relationship with your body; to receive the wisdom that comes to you and through your body. Open your heart to greater self- love and acceptance.

"The Body Love meditation is so inspired! I felt healing and started crying because I felt I was reconnected to God. Fear came in my life at this time to help me to come back to the Source. I'm sure I could go deeper in my past and unlock some blocks. Hopefully in the near future I could have a private session. I love you. You are doing an awesome job."- Lise, Markham in Ontario,Canada   

$15 |   Buy Now


Heal Your Money Relationship Through Forgiveness Guided Meditation

This soul inspired 25 minute guided meditation was given to Lorraine for her own healing journey with money and lack.  Anger, resentments, regrets and low self-worth blocks abundance. Experience a unique approach to restore a healthy relationship with MONEY and open the flow of abundance in all areas of your life.

$19 |   Buy Now

Creating Inner Peace With Your Mind and Heart Guided Meditation  

This 19 minute healing journey was originally created as part of Lorraine's presentation, "From Desperation to Divine Grace" on the Awakening Your Sacred Heart program hosted by Pia Savela. Experience a powerfull guided meditation that brought listeners to a place of uniting their hearts and egos - ending separation, and inner resistance...moving into Grace and inner peace.

$15 |   Buy Now

Making Fear Your Friend Guided Meditation

You may view fear as an enemy, something to be gotten rid of rather than seeing fear’s value as a friend and pathway to your homecoming with the Divine.  Fear can keep you stuck and frozen or be a motivator and catalyst for change. Healthy fear can be a positive benefit to your life. Irrational fear can keep you separate from the life you were born to live and separate from God.

Changing your relationship with fear is a step forward to reunite you with your Sacred Self and the Divine while calming the fearfull “little you” inside. This  36 minute life-changing guided meditation and healing journey enhanced with Theta technology creates a personal experience to turn fear into an ally!Imagine how your life would change if your relationship with fear was different.... if fear was a pathway and guide to the kind of life you dream about with the Divine as your life partner. This audio will help you do that!  

|   Buy Now

Unleashing Your Inner Hero and Champion Guided Meditation

Life is a journey of courage. Each day brings new experiences that create opportunities to say YES to who you are. Courage is an internal feeling that can be powerfully directed outward in the world as an expression of your heart’s desires and soul’s intentions for your life path. Ultimately, courage has little to do with what you might view as heroism and heroic acts and everything to do with the choices you make every moment and every day throughout the course of your life.  Acts of courage can be seemingly small yet powerfull in the ways you can transform yourself and your life.

This brand new 40 minute guided journey, enhanced with Theta technology, will help you create, develop and unleash your innate POWER to be the hero and champion of your life story with the Divine to guide you.

$27 |   Buy Now

Embracing Your Courageous Heart  Guided Meditation

There are times in life that we must have courage and trust.  Can you recall an experience when you needed to be strong and had to take those next steps in faith? Imagine being able to tap into the POWER you need to triumph over your fears and imagined "what ifs?" with confidence and excitment. This journey will help you bring your dreams to reality.

$12   Buy Now|

Sustaining Faith & Trust Thru Challenging Times!

In this one hour and 40 minute life-transforming recording with cohosts Lorraine Cohen and Rev. Kimberly Marooney from 12/19, 2011 you will learn:

1. How your expectations, hope, and expectancy allow or block the manifestation of your desires.

2. The shift from concept to embodiment of faith, trust, and courage.

3. One misunderstood principle that demonstrates faith in the Universal flow/God’s goodness in the face of fear.

4. Critical keys to sustain your faith and trust no matter what is happening.

5. The miracles you can manifest RIGHT NOW with your personal Divine in this powerfull shift on the planet.

And much, much more….
Experience two special guided meditations and receive a companion pdf to enrich your experience.

PLUS! I ended the call with a Oneness Blessing. The Oneness blessing, called Deeksha, is an energy transmission from the Divine affecting neurological shifts in the brain that accelerates conscious “Awakening”.

Read what people said:

I've just re-listened to the Sustaining Faith and Trust Through Challenging Times audio and it is arguably the best teleseminar I have ever listened to. (and I have listened to many, many teleseminars) Your Divinely-guided wisdom on the call is exemplary and provides a healing of the soul. - Michelle Mayur, Healer for Healers

Thank you Lorraine & Kimberly for a very inspiring teaching and blessing which has lifted my spirit. I am grateful, thank you for being you, bless your beautiful heart. May the abundance to have just offered multiply in your life a thousand fold.

Best divine love answers ever, I am open and willing to receive all of God’s blessings in the new year. Thanks Lorraine!

What a beautiful gift- Thank you so much for this incredible time together.

Oh, Thank you so much Lorraine and Kimberly for the incredible illumination I am feeling a shift in this moment, particularly around depression. Many Blessings to you all.

This mind expanding, heart lifting teleseminar  just might be an answer to YOUR prayers! 

$49 |   Buy Now

Creating Miracles: Manifest More Abundance, Joy, And Vitality In Your Life NOW! 

Give yourself the gift of receiving the recordings from my four-part healing series, Creating Miracles Now! with Ann Taylor, Anita (Ani) Pathik Law, Ping Li, and yours truly, Lorraine Cohen.

Ann Taylor - Unleashing Your Inner Hero: Experiencing More Abundance And Joy

Experience miraculous instant healings shifting ten beliefs ten including: Self-criticism & judgments, Money fears, courage and confidence of self-made millionaires, Trust and faith in God, Not “good enough”, self worth, deserving of success, and more.

Lorraine Cohen - Relentless Affirmations: Using The Power of Your Inner Knowing To Transform Your Life

Learn a unique revolutionary approach to using affirmations in a way you have never experienced that can instantly neutralize negative and fearfull thoughts and deepen your connection with your Divine POWER.

Anita (Ani) Pathik Law - Cultivating a Welcoming Place for Healing, Receiving and Transformation

Anita (Ani) will guide you into a deep inner journey to remove subconscious and energetic blocks to gracefully allow manifestation of your desires. Her clients have long reported immediate results, many medically documented.

Ping Li -5 Ancient Secrets to Claim Your Divine Power

Are you ready to FINALLY RE-ALIGN your state of being to Source? Are you ready to have the inner spiritual transformation and awakening to manifest what truly nurtures, supports, and honors you effortlessly? This powerfull energy healing session will help you make that vision a reality!

This special transformational series, September 29 - October 20, 2010 was designed to offer powerfull transformational shifts from the content of the calls as well as through the special meditations and direct healings.

Purchase these five recordings (about 8 hours) if you are ready to overcome the limitations of your mind to Manifest More Abundance, Joy, And Vitality In Your Life.

Note: The call with PIng Li had a few technical problems because of the high energy vibrations Ping works with so we scheduled a second call. You will receive both unedited recordings because the info and meditations were so potent. You wil not be disappointed! 

I am so excited about this! This an answer to my prayers. I feel so uplifted and happy. Thank You. Love to You

Thank you for sharing the process of Relentless Affirmations and thank you for the meditation. I emerged in joy and inspiration.

Thank you for doing this. I have signed up for many teleseminars and unfortunately, something or another has come up in the past. Your divine calling on this has served my needs. Thank you for tuning in. You are amazing. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Thank you so much Lorraine I needed to here this information the way you explain it it. You do not know how much I needed this!

The call with Ann was amazing! I feel like a new person and ready to live my life with courage!

I must really say that I made some real spiritual progress the last month. I cured my backache with the meditations and healings of Ann and Ping, normally I have to go to a physiotherapist for that. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

I found a missing piece in your call with Ping. For the first time in years I feel free. Thank you both!

Lovely Lorraine ~ Just for starters I would like to say, that there is so much out there at the moment, but your 4 week series was absolutely Insightful, Generous, Knowing, & Healing!  You answered so so many of my own dilemmas at this time ~ thank you. Not only did I love the uniqueness & genuine Ani, Ping, and yourself, but I found your explanations of what may occur in some of us during or after the healing meditations to be a great comfort.

 $97  Buy Now

Your Powerfull YES: Courageously Living An Inspired Life Tele-summit!

Who wouldn’t like to know how some of the world's most inspirational and prosperous teachers are able to joyfully, serenely, and willingly show up to life day after day with an attitude of excitement and gratitude?

In a three week global teleseminar event, July 27- August 12, 2010, 20 renowned leading edge teachers shared their most powerfull, most life-changing, and most proven processes to help you create the life of your dreams.

Imagine being able to learn from people like Neale Donald Walsch, James Twyman, Marci Shimoff, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Eric Pearl, Janet Attwood, Joan Borysenko, Victoria Moran, Daphne Rose Kingma, Gary Quinn, Ping Li, Ann Taylor, Anakha Coman, Munishwarji Walking Tall, Anita Pathik Law, Dr. Lori Leyden, Dr. Kimberly Marooney, Dr. Gloria Burgess. Catriona MacGregor and yours truly about: health and wellness, Oneness, spiritual awakening, personal transformation, healing, and happiness.

Would you like to know some of their secrets?

You can...

"Miracle! During one of your broadcasts I experienced healing of an enlarged lymph node (HIV positive). Within a day it was gone. Since the beginning of listening to your broadcasts there has been a 180 degree change in me, and especially my energy level has exploded. Sending you infinite Thanks and Blessings and LOVE!"

"Hearing Ann Taylor has and will continue to change my life into the future. I was really blown away with the instant results of her work. I have found that I am now able to change beliefs on my own that I have been holding on to for years. Thank you so much for bringing her knowledge and all the great speakers to my experience!"

"This has been the worst most blackest period of my life. Your webcast with Joan Borysenko is the most profound advice anyone has given me throughout this period of darkness. You both gave me the healing words I needed to shift my awareness a MIRACLE happened for me, the one I was waiting for."

"I will never forget the 3 weeks of seminar. It was powerful for me in everything in my life. Last night after hearing Anita I found the secret of my life and the origin of all my problems. It is so incredible -the secret of all of my pain. It is a wonderful day for me which starts now. I have tears on my eyes today but it is full of happiness. My love to you and to all your guests!"

People experienced breakthroughs, miraclulous instant healings, and boosts in faith, trust and courage. 

Click here to purchase the recordings from this life-changing event and receive over $1200 worth of specially selected speaker bonuses that are still available! 

It will be on be one of the best investments you make in yourself and in your future!

Go look at the ways you can receive coaching, spiritual guidance or mentoring with me. Contact me if you would like my help in making some shifts personally, professionally, or spiritually. To learn more about life coaching, spiritual guidance or mentoring with me, click here to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session. (*This is not a coaching session.) Discovery sessions are ONLY offered to people who are interested in working me privately. 

Please do not inquire about applying for a complimentary Discovery Session unless you are seriously motivated to create a passion-filled, soul-guided, prosperous life, and you are financially prepared to move forward.

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